Marketing of Health And Fitness Clubs | Placing lead boxes

Marketing of Health And Fitness Clubs | Placing lead boxes

As a professional sales and marketing, it really warms me when I’m in a new city and entering a shop or restaurant and health club have come through a lead coffin. What hurts me is to see that carry large generators sit there without access graft or no corresponding pin, or even just pushed to the corner store.

…… Some simple steps to get the most out of their boxes …., lead

1. Get out there and work!

Contrary to popular belief not to fill by itself. Unless you visit regularly (Synergy advice Monday, Wednesday and Friday) the next time you pick could not even be able to find them. Make sure that in a visible place, at least when people have time to stop for 30 seconds and fill in. Make sure that the feathers (work) and slides the disclosure herein.

2. Find an internal champion

You can increase your chances of success with their boxes of lead triple if you have an internal champion at the store, restaurant, company, able to force his lead box to stay in a good location and better yet, encourage customers to enter their data.

Synergy In a recent promotion made to a customer who has more than 30 per day from a hairdresser. The owner (who is now a member), the reception staff to clients if they want their data in a drawing for a health club membership. Staff to complete the details for them. This system is only equal to an average of 12 appointments per day, programs of 8 and 5.6 sales per day. (Since only a lead coffin!)

3. Build a relationship – no relation – not a lead box

Marketing of Health & Fitness Clubs
Marketing of Health & Fitness Clubs

Sounds simple and it is. Many consultants members know how it feels to walk into a store and if a head and say “no” or “the office just to let” the questions. McDonald’s is one of my favorites, but I guarantee if you are walking in the cold or even call to ask about the placement of a lead coffin, they will say “sorry, we are not allowed everything is agreed McDonald’s Corporation by again to give. “I can not more than 20% of sales promotions in the last 5 boxes of McDonald’s lead with only two boxes in the box.

One way to begin the relationship by the company to call and talk to the boss and inform them of that every month you select five local companies for a number of free bonus to receive £ 50 Club (5 test days), call by controlling when to give him or her directly so they can deliver personally. When we test we will pass the time and the construction of reports for the owner / manager.

4. Make hay!

Then, a few days later, we organized a list of names of those who gave the cards to collect. At this point we lead boxes with us and agree to provide a number of discounted registration fees for his team, while the display control boxes. Then it’s much easier to reach an agreement because we have a good relationship with the business.

Our sales approach is somewhat simpler than just cold calling up or carry the boxes in place. Do not forget to set up 10 boxes can be an additional value of 20 to 50 sales per month (for the cost of 1-2 members). Now go out and make them work for you!

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