How do Prevent Injury in Sports

How do Prevent Injury in Sports

How do Prevent Injury in Sports
How do Prevent Injury in Sports

Have you been sidelined from a lower limb injury? Here are some suggestions about How do Prevent Injury in Sports.

Winter came. Black ice, shovel ice, and other winter hazards are on the annual mission to save you.

Gym equipment, exercise classes, new year resolutions and improperly used gym equipment are still nearby. If you are like me, then just plain luck. I had recently been diagnosed with 2 stress fractures and was sidelined for an activity that was weight loss for 8-12 weeks.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. Your injuries may be different, so the one who works for a person can not work for you, or things can get worse. Always check with your doctor before starting any fitness program.

Reducing my fitness plan is not an option. Not with marriage in 7 months and with all the progress I fell in love with fitness after the busiest year of my life.

What was I going to do on earth?

Let me help you to circumvent my mistakes with lower limb injuries. Here are some tips for keeping fit with your injury:

Tip 1: Try something new (or delete some old ones)

I did not have matt Pilates in years. After falling in love with HIIT, mat Pilates has not done so much for me with its melodic pace and the flow of repetition. Insert my broken tibia. Matt Pilates now feels like a savior!

Yoga in the other options, the wait class technique (almost half the class is sitting), and sit-in videos can be fitted. If you have cable TV, try watching videos on YouTube or on demand. Here you know about Eat This Not That: Better Result for weight loss.

Tip 2: Use the picture of which device you can use, or how to use the device in a different way.

An exercise band is a great option for an immobile person. Find a firm place to anchor them (a treadmill pole or Siebix works great) and you will get cardio sitting (or if your injury allows it, you can try kneeling). Try Tabata or HIIT with the band for Cardio Burst (see below for a routine).

The other great pieces of equipment are a quality yoga / Pilates mat that gives you the padding, thereabouts, hand weights, weight balls, a weight bench, an arm bike … there are many other options to maintain your workout, appear to. Think carefully because you roam in your gym and are creative. Here you know about Trampoline – All you would like to know about the effect on its health.

Tip 3: Find a Friend: How do Prevent Injury in Sports

Just as you will now need assistance in most of the tasks, if you are hobbling about, if they want to work with you, then do not be afraid to ask your support network. First of all, it is safe for you to help you establish a device because you are already injured.

Second, another pair of eyes means doubling creativity in creating fun, exciting ground movements for you. As I was complaining about not being able to HIIT in a dinner party, one of my best friends said, “I love Pilates! I will work with you! “The problem has been solved and the responsiveness of meeting a friend means that you will stick to the promises of your exercise = bonuses!

Here are 2 60+ minutes (approx) routine that I have made to start your sitting fitness trip:

Routine 1: Core Power: How do Prevent Injury in Sports

Equipment needed: mat, hand weights (5 pounds or more)

Warm up: In a sitting position, make 1 minute of the following 5 exercises:

  • weightless lat pulldown
  • Alternate punches
  • Alternating up
  • side Reaches
  • Seated windmills (sit with legs in a V shape and alternate touching toes)

Repeat 1-5 for a second round

Proceed in every 1 minute of the following exercises:

  • crunches
  • sideline legs (right)
  • sideline left lift (left)
  • bicycle crunches
  • Clamshells (lie on the side in the position of the embryo; Move
  • around the hip to kneel to the roof – so that it looks like a boundary – keeping feet together; you should feel it in your hip)
  • Clamshells (left)
  • Reverse crunches (any style)
  • Pilates Roll-Up (Lie on the floor on the outside, roll slowly, until you roll your legs and do not touch the toes, roll slowly)
  • Sitting Russian twist
  • Cobra (Put the face down and tighten the body tightly with elbows in the cobra position; Continue slowly and upwards)
  • Pilates swimmers (laying down face; lifting out of all 4 organs and “swimming” and reducing contrast hands and feet as fast as it is comfortable)
  • Kneeing pushups
  • Kneeing plank

Repeat 1-13 for a second round

Fill 5 rounds of the following moves for the time (start lying on the back):

  • 10 bench presses with the weight of the hand
  • $10 chests with hand weights
  • 10 Pilates Roll-Ups (Or Cranes; Optional: Keep Hand Weight)
  • (Now on the knees) rise with the weight of 10 lateral hands
  • @10 Woodchips (Hold both weights, turn them around the entire body in contrast to a hip)
  • *10 kinds of wood on the other side

Regular 2: band rules: How do Prevent Injury in Sports

Essential equipment: mat, exercise band (s)

Warm up: In a sitting position, make 1 minute of the following 5 exercises:

  • weightless lat pulldown
  • Alternate punches
  • Alternating uppercuts
  • side Reaches
  • Seated windmills (sit in one V shape and with optional touch toes)

Repeat 1-5 for a second round

For each of the exercises given below, set 3 of each. Do every exercise for 45 seconds, relax for 15 seconds, and then do the same exercise as 2 (each set takes a total of 6 minutes).

  • Reverse Fly on Band & Crunches
  • Chest press (facing away from the band) * and elbow planks
  • “X” and a scissor (band faces “face” for the “X”) for the scissors, lined the band overhead on the diagonal and use alternate leg lifts)
  • Hand and knee tricep extension and hollow rock
  • Hand and knee pulled 1 hand (optional weapon in return for the core move)
  • Rows * and V-Sit Hold
  • Bicep curl * and bicycle crunches

With a “*” all exercises can be done either on the knees or in a sitting position. Here you know about Yoga – Everything that you want to know.

Spread 5-10 minutes

There you have it, you can sit truly and fit! Keeping active in any way will increase your recovery, keep your spirits, and when you are healthy again, you can make your return stronger.


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